Mass Facebook Friend Requests | Get Thousands Friend in a Minutes to grow your Mafia Wars family

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mass Facebook Friend Request Here's how to get a thousands friend in a minutes.First  get a copy of Facebook Blaster pro, this software are great tools to send massive friend request on facebook. You can get the trial version from the developer website here : This software are shareware and you can get the single license for $39.95 or $49.95 for Unlimited license. Im not recommended this but you can found the cracked version or keygen of Facebook Blaster pro on File sharing website like Rapidshare, 4Shared, ziddu and Hotfiles using keyword Facebook Blaster pro.

Here’s how to use Facebook Blaster pro. First, at manage account tab fill  the form with your account information then login to Facebook. You can save your account information using save new button.

Get Login to Facebook

go to he second tab, Gather ID, use this tab to gather facebook ID from browser window at the right pane. You may navigate / browse to facebook page that contain a list facebook ID like a group or fan page. In the picture below, i’ve go to facebook group that has 2,803 member.

Browse Facebook group to Gather ID

Right click the “see all” link then select “copy shortchut”.

browse facebook group2

Pasre it to adresses bar then press enter.Now you will get a list of the group member 10 at a page. To gather the all members facebook IDs automatically you may choose the “Gather IDs from All Pages” from the option.

gather ID from all pages

Press the Gather ID  button then you’ve just to wait until Facebook Blaster finished gather all IDs. Once it has finished, you may press the import button then you will bring to “Friend Request and Poker” tab. Just press Start button, then it will send friend request to all Facebook IDs automatically.


Then, you will get a huge mafia wars request just like me. I hope this articles will be useful for you, sorry for my poor english.. : ).

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